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The Ten Commitments
of a Spiritual Counselor or Coach

Spiritual Counselors and Coaches have such an important job. Their work can literally help heal and transform lives—of individuals, of partners, and of families. They also bring an energy of love-consciousness to a world sorely in need. Consequently, they need to embrace moral, ethical, and spiritual guidelines that enhance their work and their own lives. The Ten Commitments are essential to any spiritual counseling or coaching practitioner. Many of these are the same commitments we encourage in our clients.​

  1. Commitment to help raise the love consciousness of the planet through words, thoughts, emotions, and deeds.

  2. Commitment to follow a path of service and light.

  3. Commitment to the welfare of those served and our colleagues in light.

  4. Commitment to personal ethics of honesty, authenticity, and the valuing of all life.

  5. Commitment to professional ethics valuing all served.

  6. Commitment to honor diversity in all its expressions.

  7. Commitment to honor and courageously explore one’s own spiritual journey.

  8. Commitment to face, grow, and learn from all life’s challenges and lessons.

  9. Commitment to our own personal welfare and good self-care.

  10. Commitment to the welfare of family, friends, colleagues, and community.


​Many of these are self-explanatory, but parse them out and think about how they show up in the real world. We soon see that they cover a multitude of human behaviors, problems, and aspirations, some of which include:


  • As Lightworkers, we are committed to healing human ignorance, blindness, darkness, and fear. This can be done through education, role modeling, and counseling.

  • As Lightworkers, we are committed to home, work, and community practices that prevent gossip, petty jealousies, and mean-minded conduct.

  • As Lightworkers, we are committed to participating in, nurturing, and raising healthy families.

  • As Lightworkers, we are committed to fostering truthful ways of living in our own lives, in our communities, and in the world.

  • As Lightworkers and professionals, we act as role models. Anything we ask our clients to do in their healing journeys, we must have been willing to do ourselves.

  • As Lightworkers and professionals, we must ensure we are healing or have healed ourselves. If we have addictions (work, drugs, alcohol, sex, relationships, etc.) or destructive or self-destructive behaviors, we must bravely face them and restore our health. Again, we must be willing to do what we would ask our clients to do in the same circumstances.


These are only some of the ways in which The Ten Commitments may play out in real life. I would love to hear some of your ideas about how to apply them.

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